Throughout my 35-year career as a Domestic Violence Advocate;  Sexual Assault Counselor; Foster – Adoptive Parent; Support Group  Facilitator; and Public Speaker, I have had many requests for  assistance, support and guidance that are outside the scope of what  I can offer through my professional capacity. The Relationship  Connection is an opportunity for me to share with others, all that I  have learned about Relationship through the thousands of people that have joined me along my path throughout the years.

I am passionate about guiding those who are striving to create healthy relationship in their lives. Whether it’s through our most important relationship with ourselves, or through our relationship with others. Love can be messy and is certainly not for the faint of heart. Although with some additional understanding and a few well-placed new skills, relationship can certainly be more fulfilling.

Relationship is about connection.

We all need connection and a sense of belonging to be healthy people. We aren’t born with the inherent knowledge to simply create a healthy relationship. We learn through the relationships we are exposed to. Our early relationship experiences good or not, guide what our adult relationships look like. That’s where the Relationship Connection can step in to provide guidance toward the healthy relationships we deserve.

Today, you have taken another step in your journey toward creating the healthy relationships you seek.