We had two great classes at The Metamorphosis Center last Saturday afternoon.  Join us for more upcoming classes in January and February.  You can access the class schedule on our Events page or click on the link below.

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1st Annual First Love/Lost Love Reunion

I have exciting news!  I am putting together details to hold our 1st Annual First Love/Lost Love Reunion!

The Reunion will be held in mid-July 2020 at the Metamorphosis Center in Savage, Minnesota.  (This is located just south of the MSP airport.)

We will begin with a morning registration.  There are welcome and get acquainted activities, so yes, you will be able to interact live and in person, with other members from the Lost Love Web Forums!

I have planned a tribute for Nancy Kalish, Ph.D. who pioneered 20 years of Lost Love Research and created a community of support and encouragement for it’s members.

We will continue the day with interactive activities and speakers.

The day will conclude with dinner together at a near-by restaurant.

As details are confirmed, I will continue to update.


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Lost Love Stories are Everywhere!

Lost Love stories are everywhere.  I was meeting with one of the web developers during the beginning stages of building this site.  He asked me to explain what it is The Relationship Connection is all about.  And what I wanted web forums for.

As I began explaining about First Love and Developmental Stages and Lost Love and Re-connections, he got this look on his face.. the look of familiarity.  I smiled and nodded as he began to share.

His mother had passed away when he was a child.  And eventually his dad found his first love.  And then they married.

The web developer became more curious about what he would be working on as he realized it touched his own life.  Even before he knew it was a ‘thing’.  This LL phenomenon thing.  When I showed him the Lost Love site and he saw the number of posts and that its been here for 20 years, he realized further how important this is to so many people finding their way.

By the time they had developed this website and built the forums, the whole agency had worked on some part of it.  And are all excitedly watching to see it grow.

Lost Love Stories … are everywhere!

Feel free to share your love story here in the forums under First Love Stories…


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Presentation – Alternative Learning Center – Rochester, MN

This morning I met with a great group of teens and we talked about Healthy Relationships.  We covered topics such as My Relationship Map, The 3 Magic Words, Infatuation vs. Love and the Developmental Stages of First Love.

One young man asked a great question:  “How can you tell when you’ve moved from the Infatuation stage of a relationship into the Love stage?”

I explained that as infatuation fades into real love, partners begin to see each other’s flaws, whereas before they only saw the amazing things about each other.  As they each fall off the respective pedestals they had been so wonderfully perched on, opportunities for conflict and compromise begin to appear.
Often relationships end right here.  These first signs of ‘trouble” and it’s over!  Because that fantasy of finding perfection, comes crashing down.

A relationship moves into a more mature place of understanding, compromise and conflict management.  It’s from these realizations that real love begins to form.  There is now a you, a me, and our relationship.   Decision making or choices going forward. considers all three.

Join me at an upcoming class to learn more.  Or schedule a consultation for a more private conversation about your specific relationship questions.

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The Relationship Connection Birth Day

These pictures were taken at The Women’s Spirituality Conference held annually in Rochester, MN.  September 2019

The first picture is celebrating the Birth Day of The Relationship Connection.  We shared cake with all who stopped by our display,

The second picture is an opportunity many people stopped by to share with us.  First Love… oh so Powerful and Unforgettable!

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