Presentation – Alternative Learning Center – Rochester, MN

This morning I met with a great group of teens and we talked about Healthy Relationships.  We covered topics such as My Relationship Map, The 3 Magic Words, Infatuation vs. Love and the Developmental Stages of First Love.

One young man asked a great question:  “How can you tell when you’ve moved from the Infatuation stage of a relationship into the Love stage?”

I explained that as infatuation fades into real love, partners begin to see each other’s flaws, whereas before they only saw the amazing things about each other.  As they each fall off the respective pedestals they had been so wonderfully perched on, opportunities for conflict and compromise begin to appear.
Often relationships end right here.  These first signs of ‘trouble” and it’s over!  Because that fantasy of finding perfection, comes crashing down.

A relationship moves into a more mature place of understanding, compromise and conflict management.  It’s from these realizations that real love begins to form.  There is now a you, a me, and our relationship.   Decision making or choices going forward. considers all three.

Join me at an upcoming class to learn more.  Or schedule a consultation for a more private conversation about your specific relationship questions.

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The Relationship Connection Birth Day

These pictures were taken at The Women’s Spirituality Conference held annually in Rochester, MN.  September 2019

The first picture is celebrating the Birth Day of The Relationship Connection.  We shared cake with all who stopped by our display,

The second picture is an opportunity many people stopped by to share with us.  First Love… oh so Powerful and Unforgettable!

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On The Road Updates

Last weekend I was in Madison, Wisconsin.  I will be in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area this weekend.  Opportunities for The Relationship Connection just keep coming forward.

Our Member forums are gaining new members every day!  I want to offer a warm welcome to everyone.  Get busy posting, everyone is waiting for someone else to begin the conversation.  Feel free to post new topics or to ask questions of other members.  Right now, our members are 46% women 54% men.  Way to go guys!

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Single Together Group

Single Together is a free group for adult singles who seek companionship and connection.  We meet weekly at 6:00 pm on Sunday evenings.  Members also participate in local social activities and events.

We are currently working our way through the book, “The 5 Love Languages for Singles” by Gary Chapman

For meeting location details, call The Relationship Connection  507-251-1867

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Next Class: October 30th 6:00 – 7:30 pm

There’s Nothing Scarier Than A Relationship Break Up!   

Is your relationship on Life Support?  Not sure if you should keep trying or just let go?  This class is for you!

Learn how to manage relationship break-ups with dignity and grace.

Class begins at 6:00 pm at United Way of Olmsted County.

Call to Register:  507-281-1867

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