Nancy Kalish, Ph.D. began her research on rekindled romances in 1993 – a survey of men and women who tried reunions with ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends – naming it the Lost Love Project. Currently, Relationship Consultant Jeannie Thompson who worked with Dr Kalish for 13 years, is conducting further research about rekindled romance and seeks people who loved someone years ago, parted, then 5 or more years later tried another relationship with that person.

To participate in this research, please complete the survey below. Your input is anonymous.

Did you have a clear break up or ending of your relationship?(Required)
Have you and your first love been apart with no contact for at least five years?(Required)
Have you searched for your lost love using the internet, social media, school sites, business sites?(Required)
Were you able to locate your Lost Love?(Required)
Are or were either of you married when you first reconnected?(Required)
Have you since reconnected with your Lost Love?(Required)
Are either of you married to others during your reconnection with your lost lover?(Required)
Are you now engaged or married to your lost love?(Required)